Why Invest in a 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber?

A 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber sets itself apart from the usual models because of its air pressure capability. ATA refers to the atmospheric pressure these models are capable of producing. Our atmosphere only has one atmospheric pressure/absolute (ATA). Since hyperbaric chambers have a higher air pressure, they can deliver 90-97% pure oxygen much faster to our system. Faster delivery also means quicker absorption of hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits.

The 2.0 ATA chamber also excels in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) benefits. HBOT can be classified into mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (MHBOT) and standard HBOT. The 2.0 ATA models are perfect for the standard HBOT experience. With their rigid exterior materials and higher air pressure capabilities, these models are ideal for heavy-duty, commercial use. 

We invite you to read further to learn more about topics concerning this fantastic hyperbaric chamber model. 

2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber: What Makes it Stand Out 

An excellent 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber addresses issues that chambers made for mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy cannot. It’s no secret that the primary purpose of hyperbaric chambers was to address decompression sickness for divers. With heavy-duty hyperbaric chambers such as the 2.0 ATA models, you’re still essentially addressing medical conditions with the same intensity as decompression sickness. 

The primary feature that makes these models stand out is their ability to produce air pressure at a higher rate. Our bodies are composed of tissues everywhere, and harder-to-reach tissues usually suffer when they’re not well-oxygenated. 2.0 ATA models have no problems reaching these tissues since the air pressure is double our base atmospheric pressure. When oxygen reaches these tissues, you can expect benefits like mental clarity and improved physical performance, among others. 

Benefits Associated with An Excellent 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

While we’ve already briefly discussed some of the benefits of this type of hyperbaric chamber, like improved physical performance and mental clarity, we must discuss them further. Higher air pressure means these models are expected to address more severe conditions. This capability also makes 2.0 chambers ideal for commercial use since it usually follows that their exterior materials are rigid and durable. 

Here are some of the benefits associated with these excellent hyperbaric chamber models: 

  • Faster Recovery

2.0 hyperbaric chamber models deliver pure oxygen to our tissues faster than models with lower ATA. Deeper tissues also need to be stimulated, but pure oxygen cannot reach these tissues because they’re in hard-to-reach areas. Sometimes, these deeper tissues are responsible for the length of recovery. When these tissues aren’t properly oxygenated, they can’t facilitate faster muscle or wound recovery. Fortunately, 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chambers can reach these tissues because of their higher air pressure, leading to more rapid recovery. 

  • Mental Clarity 

Sometimes, merely taking a deep breath already helps clear our minds. The sudden influx of oxygen stimulates our brains and makes them sharper. Additionally, breathing meditation helps slow our heart rate, ultimately contributing to a calmer mind. If that’s the effect of taking in oxygen at 1 ATA, imagine taking in 90-97% pure oxygen at 2 ATA. A 2.0 ATA chamber amplifies the calming effects of breathing meditation and adds benefits like tissue stimulation. This benefit goes to show that HBOT isn’t just for physical recovery. 

  • Improves Physical Performance

Aside from addressing concerns like damaged muscles and wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also improve physical performance. This benefit is also why athletes prefer to include HBOT between training sessions. HBOT improves physical performance by stimulating harder-to-reach tissues. Aside from facilitating faster recovery, these oxygenated tissues allow our muscles to push themselves more. When you add proper training and diet to this HBOT benefit, you can get the most out of your body while training. 

  • The Solution for Decompression Sickness

While decompression sickness is a pretty niche topic since it only concerns divers, it doesn’t change the fact that HBOT is the best solution for this condition. More specifically, hyperbaric chambers with higher air pressure ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 ATA are the best tools for the job. Decompression sickness tends to leave nitrogen bubbles within an individual’s system, causing various adverse effects. Hyperbaric chambers with high air pressure can quickly eliminate these air bubbles and replace them with pure oxygen. 

2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber: The Best Chamber Models 

We’ve already discussed what makes these chambers stand out and some of their benefits. Now, it’s time to discuss the best hyperbaric chamber models with 2.0 ATA. While all hyperbaric chambers do the same thing: deliver pure oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure, only the best models can give you a high-quality HBOT experience. Fortunately, businesses like Airvida Chambers have various top-notch hyperbaric chamber models for different uses. 

While Airvida Chambers has hyperbaric chamber models ranging from MHBOT chambers to chambers for wheelchair users and everything in between, we will focus on the 2.0 ATA models. Below are the fantastic hyperbaric chamber models with 2.0 ATA capabilities. 

Airvida Ultra 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Ultra 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers that deliver 2.0 ATA typically have hard shells or rigid exterior materials. Additionally, the most common hyperbaric chamber type is the lying hyperbaric chamber. The Airvida Ultra 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber perfectly encapsulates the abovementioned qualities. This model is a lying hyperbaric chamber, meaning you need to lie down while using this machine. 

Hardshell hyperbaric chambers are also considered commercial-grade chambers because of their exterior materials and air pressure. For interior features, you get the standard air purifiers, sanitizers, and coolers. Lying hyperbaric chambers are perfect for business owners who want to incorporate sleep therapy into their customers’ HBOT experience. 

Airvida Elite 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Elite 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

The Airvida Elite 2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber isn’t that much of a departure from its lying counterpart regarding features and performance. However, this model stands out because of its extra space and legroom. Since this model has a seated orientation, you get more legroom and space to move around. Additionally, you can configure your seat to be seated, reclining, or lying. 

You also get the same interior features as the lying hyperbaric chamber model. However, since the primary selling point of this model is its extra legroom, you get to enjoy these features within a more spacious interior. Business owners should choose the hard shell sitting hyperbaric chamber if they want to give their clients more options. 

Choose Airvida Chambers for the Best 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

A hyperbaric chamber’s atmospheric pressure dictates how fast you can reap its benefits. While you can ultimately experience various benefits no matter what type of hyperbaric chamber you choose, 2.0 ATA chambers guarantee the fastest absorption of pure oxygen and its benefits. This hyperbaric chamber type’s features also make it ideal for commercial use. By getting one of these chambers, you get a sturdy device ready for constant use and one that produces more than enough air pressure. 

Choose Airvida Chambers for the best 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber. Whether you want the lying or the sitting model, the models discussed earlier get the job done. 2.0 ATA chambers offer users a new layer of HBOT experience, and the models discussed earlier perfectly represent the best qualities of this hyperbaric chamber type. If you want to learn more about these products from Airvida Chambers, contact us today

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