Home Hyperbaric Chambers: Everything You Need to Know

A home hyperbaric chamber brings the hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience to your doorstep. For a long time, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been associated with clinics and similar commercial establishments. However, everything changed with the introduction of portable, soft shell hyperbaric chambers since you can now experience an excellent hyperbaric chamber at home. 

Soft shell hyperbaric chambers are also ideal for mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (MHBOT). This hyperbaric oxygen therapy type uses mild atmospheric pressure/absolute (ATA) to address mild medical conditions. Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, there are also different benefits associated with having a hyperbaric chamber for home use. We invite you to read further to learn more about these topics. 

Benefits of Having an Excellent Home Hyperbaric Chamber

It’s no secret that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, when combined with excellent hyperbaric chambers, has multiple benefits. These include enhanced athletic performance, a clearer mind, and faster wound and muscle recovery. However, besides the benefits discussed earlier, there are also benefits to having an excellent hyperbaric chamber at home. 

Here are some of the benefits associated with having hyperbaric chambers for home use: 

1. Portability

Since hyperbaric chambers for home use have soft exterior materials, they are highly portable and quickly moved around. Compared to hard shell hyperbaric chambers, these models are much lighter and easily assembled and disassembled. However, just because these chambers are lighter doesn’t mean they lack features. You’d commonly see and experience the features present in commercial-grade hyperbaric chambers with these chambers for home use. 

2. No Travel Time to Clinics

When you go to hyperbaric oxygen clinics to experience HBOT, you must also factor in the time it takes. Some people might have limited time to go to and from these clinics. Having an excellent hyperbaric chamber at home saves these individuals the trouble of going to the clinic, getting their treatment, and going home. With these chambers, you simply have to turn it on and enjoy hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home. 

3. Do Sessions on Your Own Time 

Aside from saving you from going to and from hyperbaric oxygen clinics, hyperbaric chambers at home allow you to do sessions on your own time. We all know how difficult it is to clear our schedules to fit an activity. Having a hyperbaric chamber within the comfort of your home allows you to experience HBOT whenever you choose. Sometimes, there are moments when you suddenly get a couple of hours for yourself. These moments are where a home hyperbaric chamber comes in handy. 

4. Affordability 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has long been directly tied to hyperbaric oxygen clinics. However, this changed when soft shell hyperbaric chambers were introduced. This change is also directly reflected in the prices of these machines. Instead of going out of your way to purchase a commercial-grade hyperbaric chamber, you now have the option to buy a more affordable version of it. 

Home Hyperbaric Chamber: The Best Hyperbaric Chamber Models

As the previous section shows, a hyperbaric chamber for home use has many benefits. However, to get the most out of them, you have to have models that go above and beyond what’s expected of them. Fortunately, businesses like Airvida Chambers have various hyperbaric chamber models that fit the bill. Whether you want to get a hyperbaric chamber to save time or because they’re affordable, there’s a model that will tick all the right boxes. 

Here are the best home hyperbaric chamber models courtesy of Airvida Chambers: 

1.4ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

1.4ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

The 1.4 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber perfectly encapsulates the “hyperbaric chamber for home use” label. Additionally, this model is perfect for mild hyperbaric oxygen treatments. This model produces 1.4 atmospheric pressure/absolute (ATA), giving you the right amount of pressure for your MHBOT needs. An excellent memory foam mattress also aids this model’s lying configuration. Comfort and style: this model has it all. 

1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

The 1.5 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber trudges the line between MHBOT and HBOT because of its 1.5 ATA capability. That said, if you choose this model, you never have to choose between portability and functionality. Choose this hyperbaric chamber model if you want to experience the higher pressure hard hyperbaric chamber models offer but want to retain features like portability and the ease of assembling and disassembling. 

Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

The Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber should be your choice if sitting down while experiencing HBOT is more your style. Everyone has a different preference for comfort, and this home hyperbaric chamber gives you multiple options. Aside from having more legroom than the lying models, this model’s chair can also be configured as seating, reclining, or lying. Choose this model to experience the same features as the lying models but with more legroom and comfort options. 

Airvida Chair Pro 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Chair Pro 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

The Airvida Chair Pro 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber is for individuals who use wheelchairs and have trouble lying or sitting down. This model has more than enough space to fit the patient and their wheelchair. Regarding portability, it is made from the same soft exterior materials as the lying and sitting versions. This model exemplifies Airvida Chambers’ goal to let every person experience HBOT regardless of their physical condition. 

Choose Airvida Chambers for The Best Home Hyperbaric Chamber Model

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience isn’t just limited to clinics anymore. Additionally, affordable hyperbaric chambers also came with the rise of these chambers for home use. It’s no secret that HBOT has many benefits, especially in recovery and physical performance. Having a chamber readily available within the comforts of your home is a game-changer for the industry and the users’ lives as well. 

Choose Airvida Chambers for the best home hyperbaric chamber model. Whether you choose the MHBOT, sitting, or wheelchair model, you can rest assured that the quality of these chambers is the same. With these models, you no longer have to worry about time and space constraints. If you want to learn more about our products, contact us today

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