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Airvida and partners advice does not constitute medical advise and is intended for informative and educational purposes only with no medical or non medical claims being made. While research & studies show the potential Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Hyperbaric Air Therapy (HBAT) may have implied benefits, individual results may vary. It is required by Airvida & Partners to console with doctors before being approved for Hyperbaric Therapy (HBOT & HBAT). In accordance with the FDA in the United Stated Of America, hyperbaric chambers are classified as Class ll medical devices and require medical prescription for use.

Home Use:

You must have a medical prescription authorizing you the use of a hyperbaric chamber in the USA in compliance with the FDA & Class ll medical device laws. These laws are set in place to minimize the risk in the usage of hyperbaric chambers

Clinical/ Professional Use:

Clinical or medical professionals must be a licensed Medical Doctor or above to be able to purchase a hyperbaric chamber. To administor sessions to clients you must have a hyperbaric technician certificate, be an MD or above, and have have an MD and hyperbaric technician available to overview the sessions being given.

Airvida & Partners hold the right to refuse service to those who cannot prove they have medical prescriptions or who can not validate their medical certifications.

By purchasing through Airvida Chambers & Partners you are under the understanding that we are not responsible for clinical professionals operating without licensing or unauthorized home or clinincal usage

You may purchase an Airvida chamber and then get your licensing & prescription. Once you are able to provide proof of certidications & prescriptions we will ship the chosen chamber to you.

Once you have obtained a prescription, please email your prescription number or images to

*Any usage over 1.4 ATA is considered medical grade hyperbaric pressure. Medical grade hyperbaric therapy requires physician supervision*