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Meet Dr. Ted Fogarty: Revolutionizing Home Healthcare with Hyperbaric Air Therapy (HBAT)

At Airvida Chambers, we are proud to introduce Dr. Ted Fogarty, a visionary radiologist and the forefront pioneer in the field of Hyperbaric Air Therapy (HBAT) for home use. He is working with Airvida as an advisor to help the industry with a less is more approach to “Altitude wellness”

Read More About Dr. Ted Fogarty Here

Airvida Chambers Is A Proud Sponsor Of The Big Sky Fight Club

Case report: Dementia sensitivity to altitude changes and effective treatment with hyperbaric air and glutathione precursors

A 78-year-old man with dementia experienced waxing and waning of symptoms with changes in altitude as he traveled from his home in the Rocky Mountains to lower elevations and back.

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Questions About Airvida Hyperbaric Chambers

Airvida means Life Through Air

We are on a mission to change thousands of lives through the Natural process of Hyperbaric Air Therapy (HBAT), and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

-With 60+ design patents and many verified quality certifications such as CE, ISO13485, SGS, TPU just to name a few.

One of the most common comments we receive is about the price of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments. These treatments range from $250-$650 PER session!

-This is where Airvida shines, we cut out the need to travel all the way to your local facility which may be hours away from you, and bring hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions to the comfort of you home.

-We eliminate the feeling of not getting a return on your investment as you are not forced to limit the number of maintenance sessions you do due to the price.

-Comparing to going to a clinic to receive HBOT, if you use the Airvida chamber daily you will have a positive return on your initial investment in you first 1-2 months!

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-We offer this service free with your order to the ground or first floor. If a crane or additional heavy duty equipment is required there may be extra fees.

Other FAQ's

You will receive a 2 year warranty that will cover all replacement parts from the All-In-One Unit and hard/soft shell models

-We have a showroom opening in NYC, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami in April of 2024.

What is the Airvida Chamber
used for?

The Airvida Chamber is designed for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), and Hyperbaric Air Therapy (HBAT) that involves being in a pressurized chamber and implementing breathing pure
oxygen once comfortable with the chamber and advised to do so

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work in the Airvida Chamber?

HBOT increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, promoting healing and reducing inflammation.

Are the Airvida Chamber FDA approved?

No, Airvida chambers do not FDA certifications available

Can children use the Airvida

The chamber is suitable for
children, but it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before use. For using with an adult & child, Airvida recommends using
the Pro90 model

What is the difference
between the soft and hard shell Airvida Chambers?

Airvida soft shell models are
able to attain a maximum of 1.5 ATA & hard shell chambers are able reach 2.0 ATA

How often should I use the
Airvida Chamber?

Usage frequency varies, but a typical protocol involves sessions ranging from daily to a few times per

Is it okay to use the chamber

Yes, the Airvida Chamber is
designed for single-person use and includes interior safety features.

8.How long is a typical session in the Airvida Chamber?

Sessions typically last between 60 to 120 minutes, depending on the specific protocol.

What are the side effects of
using the Airvida Chamber?

Common Side effects are generally mild, such as ear popping, but it's crucial to follow recommended guidelines. Side effects that are common with taking off in an airplane experiencing
pressure changes

Can pregnant women use the Airvida Chamber?

Pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider before using the chamber to ensure hyperbaric therapy will be saf efor them and their child

What is the recommended age for using the Airvida Chamber?

There is no strict age limit,
and usage can be tailored based on individual needs.

How do I clean and maintain
the Airvida Chamber?

The chamber is easily maintained by wiping down the interior with a microfiber towel after each use, and the filters need replacement every 6-12 months.

Can I adjust the pressure in
the chamber?

Yes, the pressure can be
adjusted using the pressure switch valve where you can choose 4 different
levels of working pressure

Usually there will be 4 lower pressure levels that its
default working pressure.

For example: If chamber has 1.4 ata then it will
be1.1,1.2,1.3,off (1.4 ata)

What is the warranty period
for the Airvida Chamber?

The Airvida Chamber comes with a 2-year warranty from the date of delivery. Warranty covers any errors in manufacturing or lemon parts & pieces

Does the Airvida Chamber come with a CO2 scrubber?

The chamber utilizes advanced ventilation systems to ensure the removal of CO2 during sessions.

Can the Airvida Chamber fit
through a standard door?

Yes, the Airvida Chamber is
designed to fit through standard doorways. For exact dimensions, please
view the specific product page or reach out to our customer service team

How is oxygen supplied in the Airvida Chamber?

The chamber uses an oxygen
concentrator to provide a continuous supply of high-purity oxygen when
the oxygen concentrator is connected

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Airvida Chamber?

The Airvida Chamber has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

How does the Airvida Chamber maintain a comfortable temperature?

The chamber features an air
conditioning system to regulate temperature, ensuring comfort during
sessions. Airvida AC units are designed to keep the interior temperature
between a comfortable 74-76 degress

Can the Airvida Chamber be
moved or transported easily?

Yes, the Airvida Chambers are designed for ease of movement and transportation. All soft shell models may be taken down for easier transportation, and all hard shell model
come with rolling wheels

Is there any noise generated
by the Airvida Chamber during operation?

The chamber operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment during sessions.

Noise decibel is less than 50

Videos showing noise levels areavailable upon request.

Can I use the Airvida Chamber for athletic performance enhancement?

Some athletes use the chamber for performance benefits and sleep benefits as a supplementation to their
rigorous training protocol. Hyperbaric therapy is a commonly used recovery tool

How does the Airvida Chamber address power outages or failures?

The chamber has safety features to handle power outages, and an alarm system alerts users in such
situations on hard shell models. Soft shell models would experience a

Is it possible to customize
the Airvida Chamber based on specific needs?

Customization options are
available, and our team can assist in tailoring the chamber to specific

We offer free logo, company
name, or personal name onto all chambers

Can I eat or drink while
inside the Airvida Chamber?

Eating and drinking are not
recommended during sessions to maintain a clean environment.

What should I wear during a
session in the Airvida Chamber?

Comfortable, non-synthetic
clothing is recommended, and metal objects should be avoided.

Jeans, earrings, necklaces etc should not be worn

How long does it take to
pressurize and depressurize the Airvida Chamber?

The chamber typically
pressurizes and depressurizes in a controlled manner, taking about 10
minutes to be at full pressure

Can I watch TV or use
electronic devices inside the Airvida Chamber?


Is there a recommended
schedule for using the Airvida Chamber?

The schedule varies based on individual needs and treatment plans, and a healthcare professional can
provide guidance. The key for HBOT & HBAT is consistency. While you
may experience results after 1 dive, it is recommended to continue usage even without any oxygen supplementation

Can I use the Airvida Chamber
for relaxation purposes?

Yes, many users find the chamber
beneficial for relaxation and stress reduction. Many clients sleep or
take a nap while using HBAT

Does the Airvida Chamber come with any accessories?

Yes, accessories such as an
oxygen mask, spare filters, air/oxygen tubes, and a power cable are included.

Can I bring my own
accessories into the Airvida Chamber?

Personal items should be kept to a minimum to ensure a clean and safe environment.

How is the Airvida Chamber
ventilated during sessions?

The chamber is equipped with a ventilation system to ensure a continuous flow of fresh air.

Is there an age restriction
for using the Airvida Chamber?

There is no strict age
restriction, but consultation with a healthcare professional is advised,
especially for young children and the elderly.

Can I use the Airvida Chamber
if I have respiratory issues?

Individuals with respiratory
issues should consult with their healthcare provider before using the

Is there a limit to the
number of sessions one can have in a day?

The number of sessions per day can vary based on individual needs and treatment plans. Please do not exceed two dives a day. HBAT / HBAT is a continuous process that

Can the Airvida Chamber be
used for post-surgery recovery?

Yes, the chamber is often use for post-surgery recovery to promote healing.

How does the Airvida Chamber
maintain cleanliness between sessions?

The chamber is designed for easy cleaning between sessions, and guidelines for maintaining cleanliness are

Can I use the Airvida Chamber if I have a cold or respiratory infection?

You will need to monitor your
comfort level as if you have sinus or ear infection, pressurization may
cause additional discomfort

Does the Airvida Chamber have an emergency exit feature?

The chamber is equipped with safety features, and users can exit and depressurize easily with our
depressurization valves in case of emergencies or discomfort. You may
also turn the safety release valve to continue at a lower ATA

Can I use the Airvida Chamber for altitude training?

Yes, the chamber can simulate higher altitudes, providing benefits similar to altitude training.