Airvida Elite 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Models: Airvida Elite 1.5 ATA
Color: White
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Hard Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber elite  HARD SHELL TYPE, SITTING DESIGN

-The 1.5ATA and 2.0ATA hard sitting hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a hard shell hyperbaric chamber designed for people to sit down inside, and it is also possible to recline comfortably with a premium folding sitting chair. It operates at 1.5/1.6ATA working pressure, with the option to go up to 2.0ATA. The 1.5/1.6ATA hard hyperbaric chambers are constructed with solid stainless steel and PC material, while the 2.0ATA hard hyperbaric oxygen chambers use thicker materials.


-Equipped with a large transparent door in the front and two big transparent windows on each side, the chamber is bright and avoids a claustrophobic feeling. With a length of 200cm/79 inches, the Airvida Elite chamber provides a roomy space for comfortable use. Users can operate the chamber themselves without further assistance from outside.

-The  1.5ATA and 2.0ATA Hard Sitting Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber are your ideal choices for a comfortable and premium hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home use and commercial places for HBOT treatment.

10L Oxygen Concentrator with 90-97% Pure Oxygen

Internal/External Operation Control

Control Panel Inside and Outside to Operate and Control the Chamber Anytime

Internal/External Dual Pressure Display

Pressure Readings Anytime Inside and Outside

Hard Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for Seated Positions.
  • Designed for high-end and professional use with a more premium design.
  • Made of Stainless Steel Material.
  • Comes with a Premium Folding Chair allowing Sitting or Recline.
  • Working Pressure Options: 1.5/2.0 ATA
  • Simple Installation and Easy to Use.
  • Large Transparent Windows.
  • In-Out Communication System.
  • Temperature/Oxygen Purity/Humidity Display Screen.
Hyprbaric Chamber plus all-in-one operating unit
Advert for a home oxygen therapy device with features
Diagram showing a chair inside a pod in sitting and reclining positions
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber with specifications
*Any usage over 1.4 ATA is considered medical grade hyperbaric pressure. Medical grade hyperbaric therapy requires physician supervision*

Material: Stanless Steel

1.5 ATA: 600KG /1323LBS

2.0 ATA:700KG / 1544 LBS

Voltage: 110V/ 220V

Power: 1300W

You will receive a 2 year parts warranty on all chambers, standard 3 unit kit, and Pro All-In-One Kit

You will receive a warranty certificate via email that can be printed or downloaded as proof of warranty and will be valid on the day of delivery

How To Choose Which Model works best

Pro All-In-One: Recommended for commercial use, this unit weights near 211lbs which may make portable an issue. Repairs & maintenance may require a dedicated handyman

Standard 3 Unit Kit: Recommended for home use as you will be able to move each of the 3 machines much easier and replacements of filters and normal maintenance can be done at home

The Pro All-in-one unit includes the following:

*1x Oil Free Air Compressor.

*1x 10L Oxygen Concentrator.

*2x Cooling Machines.

*Anion Air Purifier.

*Air Sterilizer/Anti-virus System.

*Air Filter.

*Humidity Water Cotainer.

*Double Activated carbon Filters

*Continous Oxygen production, NO oxygen tank needed

*Adjustable Oxygen Flow

*Rollable Wheels

–Accessories Included For Both Models:

*Oxygen Mask.

*Spare Filters/Fuses.

*Air/Oxygen Tubes.

*Power Cable.

Oxygen Concentrator with Clearly Marked Parts
Nano Water Ion System, Virus Defense
All-in-One Operating Unit Compact Machinery
Clinical Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Standard 3 Unit Kit:

Medical Devices- Compressor, Cooler, Concentrator Specs
Oil-free air compressor with spec sheet
Compact air cooler and spec chart
Specs for an oxygen concentrator device

*1x Oil Free Air Compressor.

* 1x Air Cooler

*1x 10L Oxygen Concentrator


*Rollable Wheels



We offer up to 12 months with 0% interest in partnerships with Affirm payment plans

We offer Shop Pay Installments for 3,6, and 12 months 

You can view both of these options at checkout at the bottom of your screen. Interest rates may apply

Please note Airvida Chambers does not make the decisions on whether you are approved for financing and what your terms are

Airvida hyperbaric chambers are produced by a team  with 10+ years of experience and a design time with 20+ years of experience. All of our chambers go through comprehensive testing to endure all chambers & air units are 100% operatable when our end customer receives their order


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