Best 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale

An excellent 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber gives you the definitive hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) experience. ATA refers to the atmospheric pressure/absolutes these devices can produce. Pressure from 1.2 ATA to 1.4. ATA are generally considered mild, making them ideal for mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (MHBOT). 1.5 to 2.0 ATA, on the other hand, gives you the standard HBOT experience and pressure. 

On paper, it’s relatively easy to find a hyperbaric chamber that can produce this ATA. However, the best models with this ATA output don’t just rely on one aspect but combine different features and make them work well. Fortunately, this article provides an informative aid regarding finding the best hyperbaric chamber with 2.0 ATA. We invite you to read further to learn more about these models. 

2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber: Notable Qualities 

Regarding ATAs, a higher number usually doesn’t mean it’s better. Models with lower ATAs have a role to play, and those with higher ATAs, like 2.0 ATA models, also have specific uses. This section will focus on what makes 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber models stand out. Below are some qualities that separate these models from other hyperbaric chambers. 

  • Luxurious and Professional Feel

Hyperbaric chamber models with 2.0 ATA commonly have more rigid exterior materials than models with lower ATA. These models, also known as hard shell hyperbaric chambers, are equipped with rigid exterior materials that manage pressurized air really nicely. However, another positive effect of having this material type is that it gives these models a luxurious and professional appearance. Since these models are for commercial use, this feel fits the bill perfectly. 

  • Highly Durable 

Since hyperbaric chambers that can handle 2.0 ATA need rigid exterior materials to handle the atmospheric pressure, it goes without saying that they’re also durable. This durability also makes these models perfect for commercial use since hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinics expect multiple clients daily. With these models, you don’t have to worry about them not being able to handle the higher atmospheric pressure. All you need to do is install these devices and marvel at the HBOT experience they can give you or your clients. 

  • Supervised by Medical Professionals

Once the atmospheric pressure exceeds 1.4 ATA, a medical professional must supervise the HBOT process. This feature is a massive relief for clients since all they need to do is show up and let the professionals handle the rest. Regarding clinic owners, having medical professionals around gives credibility to their businesses. Additionally, business owners have a source of valuable medical information thanks to these medical professionals. 

  • Detailed and Accurate Digital Data Display

The best 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber models have digital displays that aid clients and medical professionals. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires precision and ample information to be truly effective. With these digital displays, the medical professional assisting the clients will find it easier to customize the HBOT experience for them. 

2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale: Which Type Suits You Better? 

When we think of hyperbaric chambers, the immediate image that comes to mind is a tube where you lie down. However, technological improvements allowed hyperbaric chamber manufacturers to construct an entirely different hyperbaric chamber orientation or type. Today aside from the lying hyperbaric chamber, business owners and clients can also use a sitting hyperbaric chamber model. 

Businesses like Airvida Chambers have various hyperbaric chamber models for different preferences and uses. However, this section will cover the differences between lying and sitting chambers and also recommend the best models under these categories. 

Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Ultra Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

A lying hyperbaric chamber is your standard chamber orientation. These chambers allow you to lie in a spacious tube or capsule while receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These models are equipped with large windows to counteract the effects of claustrophobia in individuals who have them. Models like the ones Airvida Chambers offers also have two-way communication devices to allow smooth communication between the medical professional and the client. 

Notable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber Model: 

Airvida Ultra Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber 

Airvida Elite Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber


A sitting hyperbaric chamber has all the features of the lying chamber, but this model replaces the bed with a chair. One of the most noticeable effects of having a chair within these models is their legroom. These models are more spacious than lying hyperbaric chambers to make room for the chair and their users. However, if you find sitting down uncomfortable, most sitting hyperbaric chambers allow users to configure the seat as sitting, reclining, or lying. 

Notable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber Model: 

Airvida Elite Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Choose Airvida Chambers for The Best 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale

Hyperbaric chambers have different categories and configurations. Seeing one model doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve encountered everything there is to see. You must still consider factors like the configuration, working atmospheric pressure, materials, and compatibility for MHBOT or HBOT. However, if you’re interested in hyperbaric chambers with high working atmospheric pressure, the qualities above are more than enough to make you want to try them. 

Choose Airvida Chambers for the best 2.0 ATA hyperbaric chamber for sale. Whether you choose the lying or sitting hyperbaric chamber, we are confident that any of those models will give you and your clients a top-notch HBOT experience. Choosing a hyperbaric chamber model for your business can be challenging. However, with the models discussed above, you can narrow it down to which Airvida Chambers model suits you best. Contact us today to learn more about our fantastic hyperbaric chamber models. 


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