How to Choose the Best Soft Hyperbaric Chamber for Home

A soft hyperbaric chamber is ideal for home use because of its accessibility. Hyperbaric chambers have long been associated with clinical settings since hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) must be closely monitored. However, the introduction of soft shell chambers allowed for the use of these devices at home. Additionally, you can experience multiple benefits when using these devices at home. 

While these devices opened the doors for HBOT at home, choosing the suitable models can still be challenging. Before settling for a soft shell chamber model, you must consider factors like preference, comfort levels, and functionality. However, finding models that perfectly balance all the qualities is much better. We invite you to read further to learn how to choose one of these perfectly balanced hyperbaric chamber models. 

Soft Hyperbaric Chamber: How to Choose the Best Model

Different people will always have different preferences regarding just about everything. However, having something that perfectly balances various qualities removes the need to choose a specific model over others. Knowing which qualities to look for in a soft chamber is essential to get the most out of them. Below are some qualities you need to look for in these devices. 


It goes without saying that soft shell hyperbaric chambers need to be portable. However, portability mustn't sacrifice durability. Some hyperbaric chamber models are highly portable and have light materials, but they fail in terms of durability. We must remember that we deal with pressurized air in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Knowing the durability of a particular model’s materials is one of the most effective ways to determine the best models. 

Atmospheric Pressure Output 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy delivers 90-97% pure oxygen into its user’s system. This delivery is possible because of the atmospheric pressure output of these devices. Atmospheric pressure/absolute (ATA) represents the base pressure of our atmosphere, and it sits at 1 ATA. Hyperbaric chambers can deliver an ATA ranging from 1.2 to 2.0. A soft hyperbaric chamber’s ideal ATA should be around 1.2 to 1.5 ATA. Knowing these things will allow you to find a model that produces just the right amount of ATA. 

Comfort Options

The most common orientation for any hyperbaric chamber is the lying orientation. However, the best soft hyperbaric chamber models offer another orientation: sitting hyperbaric chambers. Sitting hyperbaric chambers provide more legroom than their lying counterparts. Additionally, models like the ones Airvida Chambers offers have seats that can be configured into sitting, reclining, and lying positions, giving you more comfort options. 

Soft Hyperbaric Chamber Models for Home Use

Knowing which qualities to look for is one thing, but having a specific hyperbaric chamber model in mind is another. Now that you know which qualities make for an excellent hyperbaric chamber, the only thing left for you to do is find a model that perfectly balances these characteristics. You can also factor in your preferences to get a model that is almost custom-made for you. 

Fortunately, businesses like Airvida Chambers have various hyperbaric chamber models for different situations. However, for the purposes of this article, we will just focus on soft chamber models. That said, here are the best soft chamber models for home use, courtesy of Airvida Chambers: 

  • 1.4ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

The 1.4 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber is the perfect hyperbaric chamber model for mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (MHBOT). MHBOT involves the use of milder atmospheric pressure to address benign conditions. Since this model produces 1.4 ATA, significantly milder than hard shell chambers, it is a perfect candidate for such therapy. Regarding interior features, you get a memory foam mattress and large windows that combat claustrophobia. 

  • 1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

The 1.5 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber gives you a higher ATA but still retains the portable soft shell these chambers are known for. The lowest ATA hard shell hyperbaric chambers can produce is 1.5 ATA, which, coincidentally, is the highest a soft hyperbaric chamber can go. Choosing this model is like getting the hard shell hyperbaric chamber experience within a soft shell structure. If you want to experience the best of both worlds, this hyperbaric chamber model is your best choice. 

  • Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

The Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber gives you all the features present in the previous two entries on this list, only in a much more spacious interior. Since this model is a sitting hyperbaric chamber, you can expect more wiggle room. Additionally, you can change the chair’s orientation to sitting, reclining, or lying, giving you more comfort options. If staying still and lying down isn’t your idea of comfort, give this model a try and feel the difference.

  • Airvida Chair Pro 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

The Airvida Chair Pro 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber is Airvida Chambers’ attempt to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy accessible to everyone. This model is specifically built for people with disabilities or those who use wheelchairs for mobility. Instead of a bed or a chair, this model only has an open slot where the wheelchair can fit comfortably, with extra room to spare. With this model, everyone can truly experience the joys of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Let Airvida Chambers Provide You With The Best Soft Hyperbaric Chamber for Home Use

Portability usually entails accessibility. Let’s face it: metal devices tend to be intimidating because of their appearance. Additionally, the fact that hard shell hyperbaric chambers are associated with clinics makes the whole experience even more jarring. With the chambers featured above, you get a more relaxed feel to your HBOT experience. Furthermore, with the tips above on choosing the best model, you can easily find one that speaks to you. 

Let Airvida Chambers provide the best soft hyperbaric chamber for home use. Every soft shell chamber is designed with balance in mind, and choosing one over the other boils down to personal preference. Furthermore, if you have any questions about HBOT or our individual models, we’d be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today to learn more about our hyperbaric chamber models. 


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