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Good Morning and Happy New Year! I'm sending my thoughts on your standard 36 unit. I can only compare your unit to the Oxyhealth company, which I returned not being happy with. Your advantages: - 1.5 ATA , mayor and one of the biggest advantages - the unit is quiet, much quieter that the other one - very easy in & out access - excellent built quality, much stiffer stainless steel metal frame with easy to use connectors vs powder coated and thinner wire frame with the screws needing constant tightening. - separate air cooling unit - excellent customer service vs non-existent, with the other company. - the price, of course. One small disadvantage, The mattress smells bad and needs to be aired out off a few days/weeks. But the stale smell goes away slowly. Regardless, great product that you offer. Regards."

"Just a little post about a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber l recently bought. Hyperbaricoxygen therapy (HBOT) has a host of potential benefits, too numerous to mention, mainlybecause the basic mechanism of HBOT is to significantly increase oxygenation of all cells in thebody. Anyway, I recommend it for anyone, from people with chronic health issues to sportspeople. Having checked out most of the available sellers, one can recommend above others / They are excellent in terms of providing clear info about thechambers and purchase and delivery options. The quality of the build of their chambers is, IMOsuperior to most others (having bought one from another supplier) while their prices are equivalent. Anyway, this ISN'T A sales pitch, but rather to highlight the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapymainly because l and my family and friends have seen the benefits.

Bought two of the 321.4 soft shell chambers with all-in-one compressor/air filer/AC. Really good quality build compared to other manufacturers, larger windows to help with claustrophobia. the sales rep is very helpful with all details and keeps you up to date on the progress or the order and anything needed for customs clearance. Will buy again!"

"I purchased the pro 90 Hyperbaric chamber because nothing else was working for my various health issues from having type 2 diabetes. I have spent 60 hoursin the chamber so far. My peripheral neuropathy in both legs havimproved. I havemore feeling in my legs, I can walk farther without pain and I caneven run now for shortdistances. My blood sugar level and blood pressure are much better now. I take lessmedication now because of using the Pro90 HBOT chamberreally appreciated thesales rep's assistance during the buying process. He ansvered all my questionsand at the end of our many conversations I felt comfortable withny decision topurchase. l appreciate all the good health benefits have received so farand I am looking forward to a healthier life for many more years.hanks for letting mebecome hopeful again. All the best! Craig T."

I am an executive at a large technology company, and represent a major lifestyle society with over 400 members as its president. My passion is lifestyle, and I have spent considerable time and resources testing and reviewing a number of therapies from a large number of suppliers. Allow me to say that the experience I have had so far working with you, your company and product has been beyond exceptional. First, the customer care I have received from you is second to none. You have been highly responsive no matter the day and time. Provided accurate and sincere information, and have given me the feeling of being looked after. I have not experienced this level of customer care before, and I would like to highlight that it is exemplary and I am ultimately grateful for this. Secondly, the product is of high quality and works better than expected. I have become an avid fan of HBOT therapy since I have received your product and would wholeheartedly recommend this therapy and your company to anybody. Lastly, what your company is doing for people is exceptional as it enables the wider public to have a revolutionary therapy at a highly affordable rate at home. I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly thank you for everything you have done for me, and I am looking forward to spreading this information with my wider circle and continue to work with you. Thank you for your time, effort and contribution to society. Please continue this great mission! Best regards."

Guided me through the entire process of ordering and also has provided 5 star after sales care to our clinic. Great quality product, great price!"

chamber showed up here to the US quickly and works great!

"We LOVE this chamber! It is so easy to use, even if I'm by myself. We have it set up in our clinic for patients, but have mostly used it for ourselves - My son had a concussion, and felt better after his first dive. My father-in-law has Parkinson's and his biggest complaint is the brain fog. Within about an hour of getting out, he feels clear! My dog is the only one who doesn't love that we go in and disappear ??. So grateful for this company, and this chamber!"

great to deal with and very attentive answering all our questions and concerns with HBOT. Being in Australia, I was given a virtual tour of the factory and showroom which gave me reassurance it was legitimate. Postage to Australia with FedEx was very quick and cost effective considering the size and weight of the machine. Tommy assisted with the setup and recommendations and using WhatsApp to communicate made it very easy to get support. Thank you and we love our HBOT at home as part of our wellness journey."

Purchased a 36 hard chamber after doing lots of research. Very happy with the delivery time and availability to talk me through the process. The product is top quality with a very aesthetically pleasing design. I am 185cm and 110kg and there is plenty of space inside. The chamber has been amazing for recovery from my gym sessions and some long standing injuries I had have healed up after around 20 sessions. Highly recommend if you are looking to purchase a hyperbaric chamber. Thank you

Outstanding customer service and high quality hyperbaric chamber! Tommy really went above and beyond to make sure our hyperbaric machine was the perfect one for our needs. He is very patient and took the time to explain every detail we needed. He made sure to keep us updated on the tracking and the unit arrived on time. Everything is of very high quality. We are really satisfied with our 1.5 ATA 32 x 90 chamber and so happy. We really appreciate everything you did for us! I am extremely happy with my purchase, Highly recommend!

These chambers are the best, and Their vast experience in the HBOT manufacturing and sales sector contribute to making this company my top choice to work with.

"Very good quality and price, with professional communication and help. Their sales personal will carefully guide you through the process and have experience skills to make a very easy purchase. I'm very happy with the product, its the absolute best for the price and have been very useful already, even though I only used it for a few days. Very happy with my purchase overall."

First of all: Outstanding customer service and high quality hyperbaric chamber! Before we ordered we had a ton of questions. Tommy really went above and beyond to make sure everything that we were answering about was cleared ??. He was available all the time and this is something, that we were really surprised about. Our hyperbaric machine is perfect, we are using it for ourselves and for our clients. During the transport, a little bottle on oxygen tank broke and Tommy immediately sent a new one. Fantastic! When we received the chamber we were a bit unsure, so we contacted him and he was very patient and took the time to explain every detail we needed. We are in love with 2.0 chambers and we want to spread it among other people, because it is the best thing that you can have. We are extremely happy with the purchase, and thank you Tommy for everything!

I was looking for a hard chamber for my health treatment. I came across and found they have a beautiful hard chamber with two big transparency windows. I had a littie bit claustrophobic, but with this unit with larger door and windows, I feel entirely comfortable inside. The hard chamber has two control panels inside and outside, so i'm ok to use my chamber myself each time, not an issue at all. And you can also ajust the pressure from lower to higher by a knob design they made inside the chamber, very convenient and smart design. Highly recommend this company!"

I purchased the 32 1.5ata chamber to put at home, I would like to have more oxygen. Very glad with this chamber, it works well. It is sturdy and spacious, I can put my laptop with a mini desk inside to continue to write my book, still have plenty of space inside as you can see, love it! I don't know yet whether there is medical effect, but being inside the chamber is quite nice and comfortable! Great customer service, everything is quick. Worthy to buy, great company and chamber.

They had amazing patience with me and my questions. I have now had my unit 19 days and my health has steadily become better! I had complications from Cvd and tried many things, after 1.5 years of suffering I bought the apex and use it every other day. In the short time I have enjoyed this product I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I am forever an hbot client and consider Tommy a friend for life because he essentially saved my life. please feel free to contact me for any questions or help hooking things up."

Very happy with this chamber. great with customer service, and I couldnt be happier about the price and warranty. Good company and cheaper than other manufacturers

I am particularly thrilled at the customer service and quality of this hard chamber. Investment worth every penny