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ProImmune® has been on the market globally since 2008 and provides certain advantages that can support your hyperbaric treatment projects. This discovery entails using ProImmune’s® Free Form Amino Acid Precursors
TM (FFAAPTM). This product does not require catabolism before it is utilizable in the synthesis of Glutathione.

As you well understand oxygen therapy increases cellular metabolism and thus produces waste products via oxidative stress. That is where the unity of restoration purpose with Glutathione especially the precursors to Glutathione, known as ProImmune® - Immune Formulation 200® is so helpful with HBOT! The Glutathione remediates the oxidative stress and scavenges the waste products by neutralizing the open valiances in the process that are caused by the heightened metabolism of oxidative stress.

Those open valences are a necessary consequence of oxygen therapy with its increase in metabolism. This is where the efficiency of the FFAAPTM product can be very helpful and useful in the restoration process. Incorporating ProImmune® could optimize health to unprecedented levels by incorporating ProImmune®’s FFAAPTM product which is also known as Immune Formulation 200® before and after HBOT.

The method of action would simply be to deposit one regular scoop of Immune Formulation 200® on the patient’s tongue and almost immediately the Free Form Amino Acid PrecursorsTM enter the bloodstream and into the cellular synthesis of Glutathione. A Scooper is included in each jar.

- Albert B. Crum, M.D., DSc, (Hon), M.S. and Harvard Medical School Graduate

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Dr. Albert B. Crum Accolades:

Dr. Albert B. Crum is nominated for induction into the iconic National Inventors Hall of Fame for bringing his genius Glutathione progenitor - core contribution into patent recognition in 37 European designated countries plus Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong, related to his innovation of the scientific breakthrough of ProImmune®. Prior inductees are

Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell, Jacques Cousteau, etc.

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