What Is A Hyperbaric Chamber?: An In-Depth Look
Various types of hyperbaric chamber device

One of the most crucial things we forget amidst all the buzz of daily life is the importance of oxygen. Sometimes, we immediately feel better after taking a deep breath. This feeling of lightness is a true testament to the therapeutic effects of oxygen. A hyperbaric chamber gives you the same sensation but cranks it up to a new level thanks to the oxygen concentration and duration of the therapy. 

Hyperbaric chambers are the primary machines used for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This therapy targets your tissues and helps them recover quicker. Activities such as mountaineering and sports also use this therapy for the same reason. This article dives deeply into these machines. We invite you to read further to learn more about this topic. 

What is A Hyperbaric Chamber?  

Hyperbaric or oxygen chambers are enclosed machines that deliver 90-97% pure oxygen. There are many benefits associated with oxygen therapy, including fatigue reduction and the facilitation of better sleep. Additionally, various conditions that require quick recovery can benefit from this therapy. These positive effects are all possible through the help of a good oxygen chamber. 

There are different kinds of chambers, but all can be broadly categorized into two classifications: soft or hard. As their name suggests, hard chambers have solid exteriors, giving you a more potent oxygen concentration. On the other hand, the main advantage of soft chambers is their ability to be portable since they can be easily set up. 

You can also choose between lying and sitting variations of these chambers on top of their main composition. This choice ultimately boils down to preference and your desired comfort levels. Brands like Airvida chambers give multiple options regarding these chambers, giving you the freedom to choose the model you specifically want or need. 

Atmospheric Absolute (ATA): Why This Factor Plays a Crucial Role in HBOT 

The primary unit of measurement used by hyperbaric chambers is the Atmospheric Absolute (ATA). 1 ATA equals 14 Pounds per square inch (PSI) and is the standard atmospheric pressure. Furthermore, we only get about 21% oxygen with this standard atmospheric pressure. While this amount of oxygen is enough to facilitate recovery when we have wounds or injuries, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy cranks up the ATA, giving us more benefits coming from oxygen. 

Oxygen chambers typically have 1.5-2.0 ATA, doubling the oxygen production and the intake of its users. What this increase in production means is quicker recovery and health benefits. It’s no secret that oxygen plays a crucial role in our health. You’re essentially getting the most out of the HBOT experience by getting increased ATA. 

To further illustrate the importance of increased ATA, thanks to hyperbaric chambers, here is a breakdown of the corresponding PSI per ATA: 

  • 1 ATA = 14.6959 PSI 
  • 1.5 ATA = 22.0439 PSI 
  • 2.0 ATA = 29.3919 PSI 

The increase in pressure translates to a rise in oxygen percentage and perfectly represents what you can enjoy depending on the oxygen chamber model. 


The Best Hyperbaric Chamber Models

As discussed earlier, you can choose between different oxygen chamber types. Airvida Chambers offers soft and hard shells and sitting and lying models. What you pick will ultimately depend on what you want and need. Luckily, businesses like Airvida Chambers give you all of these variations. All you have to do is pick the right one that suits your needs. 

Here are the best oxygen chamber models from Airvida Chambers: 

  1. 1.4 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber 

    1.4 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Soft Shell Hyperbaric Chamber

The 1.4 ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber is a soft shell chamber perfect for home or outdoor use. This machine can give you 90-97% pure oxygen at 1.4 ATA. With a 10L capacity, you don’t have to worry about your oxygen supply running out. You can also choose between the pro or standard 90”x32” inch and the pro or standard 90”x36” inch model. As for the design, this model has five large windows to combat claustrophobia. 

  1. 1.5 Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

1.5 Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

The 1.5 Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber doesn’t just improve upon the 1.4 ATA model in pressure; there is also a significant improvement in design. This model offers seven windows and a comfortable slow rebound mattress. These chambers are also fitted with the revolutionary Nano Water Ion Technology that sterilizes the oxygen that comes in, producing 90-97% pure oxygen.  

  • Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Pro90 Portable sitting hyperbaric chamber in a living room setting

    The primary feature that makes the Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber is its design. Compared to models featured so far, this model is a sitting chamber. However, this feature doesn’t mean you will stay seated every use. You can also configure the seat to recline or even lie down. With its 1.4 ATA and 10L capacity, this machine can be compared to the previous two models. However, the Pro90 gives you more wiggle room, making it a more comfortable option. 

    1. Airvida Ultra Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber 

    Airvida Ultra Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

    The Airvida Ultra Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chamber kicks things up a notch by offering a 1.5 ATA or 2.0 ATA variation. This increase in ATA means you’ll enjoy more benefits by using this hard shell machine. This machine has high-quality features like a user-friendly interface, an aircraft-quality transparent door, and an in-out communication system. If you’re looking for the perfect oxygen chamber for home use, this model is the right one for you. 

  • Airvida Elite 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Elite 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

    Like the Ultra Hard Shell model, the Airvida Elite 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber offers 1.5-2.0ATA variations. However, the most glaring difference between these two models is the Elite is a sitting chamber. As for the chair, you can configure it in a sitting or reclining position, giving you options on how you want to experience the therapy. This model also comes with a 10L oxygen capacity. If you want a seated alternative to the Ultra Hard Shell model, this sitting model is your best bet. 

    Choose Airvida Chambers for High-Quality Hyperbaric Chambers

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy takes the simple concept of the therapeutic effects of oxygen, reinforces it,  and produces a potent method that allows patients to get the most out of it. Your recovery can be sped up thanks to an increased atmospheric pressure. Additionally, simple activities like sleeping will be even more beneficial thanks to this treatment. Oxygen chambers like the ones featured earlier make these benefits possible. 

    Airvida Chambers gives you only the highest-quality hyperbaric chambers. We know how crucial HBOT can be, so every model we offer is of the highest quality. We also didn’t forget about the diversity of our collection, so whether you prefer soft, hard, sitting, or lying models, we have you covered. If you want to learn more about our products, we invite you to contact us today

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