Things to Remember Before and After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The things you need to remember before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) dictate the quality of your treatment experience. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves the introduction of 90-97% pure oxygen into its user’s system. Since this method requires precision and full cooperation from its users, knowing what you need to do before and after the treatment is key to getting the most out of it. 

Since HBOT doesn’t just address various medical conditions but also reinforces physical performance, it is slowly becoming highly sought after. However, some people might dive into this treatment without fully knowing what you need to do before and after the treatment. If you want to know these things to get the most out of your HBOT experience, we invite you to read further. 

5 Crucial Things to Remember Before and After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Like other treatments, specific preparations are needed before and after your HBOT session. These preparations allow individuals to get the most out of their HBOT experience and might even enhance the benefits they can get from the treatment. Whether you use hyperbaric chambers at home or get your treatment from HBOT clinics, these tips will undoubtedly make your experience smoother. 

Here are the things you need to remember before and after your HBOT experience: 

Don’t Come in Sick

While one of HBOT's primary goals is to treat illnesses, you should avoid getting HBOT at home or clinics when you have a cold or fever. You should also ensure that your blood pressure is stable to get the most out of your experience. Common illnesses like those stated earlier might have an adverse reaction to the hyperbaric chamber’s pressure and affect areas like your hearing. 

Allot Time for Rest and Recovery

Some fatigue is expected when you expose yourself to higher oxygen pressure. This fatigue is even more apparent during hyperbaric oxygen therapy since you get almost double the atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric chambers can produce air pressure from 1.4 ATA to 2.0 ATA, so allotting rest and recovery time is necessary to prepare your body for the next session. 

Expect Multiple Sessions 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions aren’t usually a one-time affair. Since you need to acclimate your system to receive more oxygen, you need multiple sessions to take effect. These numerous sessions mean you should always take the necessary precautions before each session. If you saw to it that your body is ready for the first session, you must maintain that level of discipline since you’d be getting more sessions after that. 

Claustrophobic Individuals Should Prepare Themselves 

Claustrophobia is defined as the fear of tight spaces, and since hyperbaric chambers are usually tight, it can cause problems for claustrophobic individuals. Fortunately, these chambers have built-in features that combat claustrophobia. Additionally, individuals with this condition can prepare ahead of time before their sessions so they can calm themselves down before the treatment. 

Set Your Expectations


One of the most crucial things to remember before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that positive changes don’t happen overnight. All of your preparations before and your strict adherence to recovery will be for nothing if you don’t give enough time for the treatment to take effect. If you’re an athlete, you can incorporate HBOT into your training, and if you’re someone suffering from medical issues, continue following the recommended number of sessions. Before you know it, you’re slowly experiencing this treatment’s benefits. 

The Most Effective Hyperbaric Chambers for Home and Commercial Use

Now that we’ve discussed the hyperbaric chamber dos and don’ts, it’s time to cover the hyperbaric chambers themselves. All the precautions you took note of before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be ineffective if you don’t have top-notch hyperbaric chambers. Fortunately, businesses like Airvida Chambers have various hyperbaric chambers that go above and beyond the standard chambers. 

Here are the best hyperbaric chambers for home and commercial use, courtesy of Airvida Chambers: 

Soft Shell Hyperbaric Chambers 

Soft Shell Hyperbaric Chambers


Soft-shell hyperbaric chambers are ideal for home use because they can be easily assembled and put down. However, the soft exterior material can be deceptive since it can also compete with hard-shell models in terms of pressure. The highest pressure these models can handle is 1.5 ATA, similar to the lowest pressure for hard-shell models. This capability makes soft shell chambers a more affordable and portable option, perfect for home use. 

Soft-shell chambers are also competitive with their hard-shell counterparts regarding interior features. These models have air filters, air purifiers, and cooling machines that can compete with hard-shell interior features. Additionally, these models have a memory foam mattress and large windows that combat claustrophobia. 

Notable Soft Shell Hyperbaric Chambers:

1.4ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

1.5ATA Airvida Portable Lying Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Chair Pro 1.4 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chambers

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chambers

Hard-shell hyperbaric chambers are considered commercial-grade chambers because of their air pressure capacity. These models can typically handle 1.5ATA—2.0ATA, a huge step up compared to soft-shell models. Additionally, the hard-shell exterior material makes these models sturdier and more ideal for constant use. 

With hard shell models, you also have options between lying and sitting configurations. These models also have large windows that combat claustrophobia, making things easier for individuals suffering from that condition. Lastly, since these models are ideal for commercial use, they also have internal parts like air filters, purifiers, and coolers. If you are a business owner looking for an edge over the competition, these models are your best bet. 

Notable Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chambers: 

Airvida Ultra 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Lying Hyperbaric Chambers

Airvida Elite 1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Airvida Chambers Is Your Guide Regarding Things You Need to Remember Before and After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy requires ample physical and mental preparation. While the same thing can be said regarding other therapies, this fact carries more weight in HBOT because of the physiological changes associated with it. If you want to experience the benefits of this treatment, you should prepare yourself for the experience. 

Airvida Chambers is your ideal guide regarding things you need to remember before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Aside from offering a wide selection of extraordinary hyperbaric chambers, we also have fantastic customer service that can help you understand these crucial safety precautions. If you want to learn more about our products, contact us today


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