Airvida Pro90 Soft Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

Models: Standard 1.4 ATA With 3 Seperate Machines
Sale price$9,499.00 USD

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The Pro90 soft hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a portable and flexible hyperbaric chamber that enables you to sit or recline during your Hyperbaric therapy.  The Airvida Pro90 Portable Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber provides a very roomy space inside also accommodates one adult and one child to stay together.

  • Portable Seated Hyperbaric Chambers
  • Designed for People to Sit, Recline, or lay Inside
  • 1.4 ATA or 1.5 ATA Max Working Pressure
  • 4 Large and Long Transparent Windows
  • Premium Memory Foam Folding Chair & Mattress Included
  • All Airvida Chambers come with an Adjustable ATA valve to choose between 1.2,1.3,1.4, and 1.5 ATA
A multi-mode sitting hyperbaric chamber in different positions

Technical Specification

Length: 230cm (90.55 inches)
Width: 120cm (47.24 Inches)
Height: 120cm (47.24 Inches)

1.4 ATA: 15KG/33LBS

1.5ATA: 17KG / 37LBS


You will receive a 2 year parts warranty on all chambers, standard 3 unit kit, and Pro All-In-One Kit.

2 Year Warranty Extension (4 years total)
Soft Shell: $1299

How To Choose Which Model Works Best

Pro All-In-One: Recommended for commercial use, this unit weights near 211lbs which may make portable an issue. Repairs & maintenance may require a dedicated handyman.

Standard 3 Unit Kit: Recommended for home use as you will be able to move each of the 3 machines much easier and replacements of filters and normal maintenance can be done at home.

The Pro All-in-one unit includes the following:

  • 1x Oil Free Air Compressor.
  • 1x 10L Oxygen Concentrator.
  • 2x Cooling Machines.
  • Anion Air Purifier.Air Filter.Humidity Water Cotainer.
  • Double Activated carbon Filters
  • Continous Oxygen production, NO oxygen tank needed
  • Adjustable Oxygen Flow
  • Rollable Wheels

Large Transparent Windows

Our Innovative features allow for large windows to reduce the feeling of claustrophobia & enhance a comfortable experience

New Advanced Welding Process

Airvida portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers have seams that are welded using high-frequency heat welding technology, which is both environmentally friendly
and non-toxic, also highly durable.

Internal & ExternalPressure Gauges

We use two aviation-grade pressure gauges with high
accuracy to ensure that the pressure readings remain consistent and without errors inside and outside the chamber, making the use of HBOT seamless.

Airvida Safety Features

All models feature internal emergency pressure release valves, swiftly decompress with the twist of our pressure release valves, and hard shell models have emergency power loss exiting capabilities

Free Shipping

All Airvida chambers come with free shipping professional setup & installation is available

Transparent Working Pressure Adjustable

The pressure switch valve in Airvida Chambers boasts an innovative design, empowering users to effortlessly regulate the chamber's working pressure across multiple levels. With a simple press of the valve, users can adjust the pressure to their preference. This distinctive feature allows all users to commence their hyperbaric oxygen therapy at lower pressure levels and incrementally progress to higher levels, facilitating a controlled and comfortable experience throughout their HBOT treatment with ease.

Efficient Air Cooling System

Our highly effective air cooling system efficiently eliminates humidity within the chamber, providing a dry and clean atmosphere. Moreover, it has the capability to cool the air, ensuring a more comfortable experience during summer usage. This electrically powered system eliminates the necessity for ice water or Freon and requires zero maintenance, further enhancing convenience. This feature significantly contributes to the overall comfort and enjoyment of utilizing the chamber.

Air Purification and Sterilization

Incorporating an anion generator within the chamber facilitates the efficient dispersal of anions, effectively eliminating 2.5-micron dust particles (PM2.5). This purification process enhances the air quality within the chamber, creating a cleaner and more rejuvenating environment. Additionally, a sterilizer utilizing water nano-technology is integrated to eliminate bacteria, odors, and viruses. This comprehensive solution offers impeccable disinfection benefits, particularly suitable for commercial spaces such as therapy centers and clinics.

Airvida type of mask

Included with your order will be 2 different types of oxygen masks. If you need additonal masks, please contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Airvida Ultra is a monoplace chamber designed for single person use

Lead Time From Order To Delivery is 8-9 Weeks

  • First 2 Weeks is Laser cutting, painting, and glass installation
  • 3-4 weeks is Installing control panels, gauges, and atleast 7-10 day of thorough testing
  • 5-8 weeks: Shipping (Vessel Tracking numbers will be provided)
  • 9-10 weeks: Freight carrier shipping (Tracking provided) and our professional setup & delivery team will be at your shipping address to complete the final delivery.

Yes, we can modify the width to 30", 34", and 36"

We can modify your pressure level from 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0. We can also do custom settings

Definitely! The Airvida Ultra Hard Shell Chamber is expertly crafted to suit both professional and home environments. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use and safety, making it an ideal choice for at-home hyperbaric therapy. To explore the diverse range of Hard Shell Chambers we offer, tailored to meet various needs and preferences, please visit our Hard Shell Chambers collection.

It's equipped with a quick pressure release valve, solid wheels for stability, and an in-out communication system for enhanced safety.

You Will Receive a 4 year warranty on the Airvida Ultra Chamber and All-In-One Unit

  • We can put your company name or logos
  • Custom ATA levels. If you want 1.3,1.6,1.7, 2.0 ATA levels we can make what you want
  • Color Customizations
  • Size Customizations: We can make you 30,34,36, or 40" diameter chambers

We have many ways and can mix/match:

  • We can break down you order into multiple card payments
  • Wire Transfer (contact us for details)
  • Check
  • Business Financing
  • Personal Financing (up to $20,000)
  • Mix & Match these options
  • Your personal bank may also be able to give you a loan at a competitive rate

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